One of the most beautiful mountain valleys, Mavrovo, together with the lake and mountain Bistra, is placed in the western part of Macedonia, only one hour driving from the capital city Skopje. Mysterious and romantic, sheltered by the high hills of mountain Korab, Mavrovo region was famous during centuries, by the hospitality of its well-known inns in the past, and by its ski center Zare Lazarevski today.

The total length of the eleven ski lifts and three chair lifts is 5.700 meters, with capacity of 11.100 persons per hour. With an infrastructure like this, it is very possible to ski at a height of 1.255 to 1860 meters above sea level. The tracks prepared with six ratracs are suitable for beginners, advanced skiers, as well as for professionals in the alpine and nordic categories. The length of the skiing trails under the chair lifts is 5.000 meters, and the length of the ski lifts 10.000 meters. At all trails under the chair lifts there are light and sound devices, so skiing is possible at night, between 19 and 24 h. We have a whole team taking care of the quality of the trails: four professionals driving the machines for snow stamping and Trekking, one ambulance motor sleighs that glides on the tracks during the day, ski patrol, several ski motor sleighs, a machine for artificial snow production and a lot of kind people employed at the ski centre.


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